[mythtv-users] Font in menu's is too small

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Wed Jul 20 03:11:33 EDT 2005

Chad wrote:

>And yes Donavan, after I got these replies and knew what to search
>for, I do see it's been covered.  But I couldn't find anything last
>night before I posted this, sometimes it's just knowing the keywords
>to search for...  :)
Ah yes,  a point I raised a little while back.   Especially for new 
users, like me, it can be very hard to formulate a search that yields 
useful results.  Half the time, the search finds messages saying to do a 
search (real helpful :-(  )       A few pointers from  the list gets you 
on the right track, but you need that initial help.

Glad you found a solution.

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