[mythtv-users] Changing turners - stuck???

Matt Goebel matt at goebelnet.com
Wed Jul 20 03:07:40 EDT 2005

I have 2 Myth backends/frontends each with 1 tuner we'll call turner A and B.  When I'm watching live TV one front end with tuner A and hit record..
it automaticly switches me to tuner B (after exiting live TV and coming back in).... that's OK (would be better if it just took me straight to tuner
B, but that's not important now....)

Anyway... once the recording is done it doesn't change me back from tuner B to A!  I don't expect that to happen while I'm in the middle of watching
live TV with tuner B but it should always pick the first priority unused turner in the list once I request one by going back into live TV, correct? 
I can't change the tuner to A manually either!  I hit "y", which I believe is the correct key to change tuners (I can't find that documented?).. but
all that does is briefly sputer and go back to tuner B, and I lose remote and keyboard functionality in Myth.  Going to the 2nd front end and firing
up live TV while the first system is still using the tuner B just causes the front end to lock up with a grey screen.  The whole time this is going
on Mythweb shows tuner A and not being used.  To be able to use my tuner once again I have to restart the backend on the system that has tuner A.

Any ideas?  Bug?

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