[mythtv-users] Music Album/Title Sorting?

Matt Goebel matt at goebelnet.com
Tue Jul 19 23:50:47 EDT 2005

I have a very large music collection (~30,000 songs) sorted out on a file share in the format ./ARTIST/ARTIST - TITLE.mp3....

I'd like for Myth to sort in the format ARTIST>TITLE.  I've got ID3 tags turned off right now because there's just too much garbage in them and they
can't be trusted...  The file names are almost all correct.  So..  How do I go about doing this?  As it stands now it shows up as
ARTIST>PATH+FILENAME. (Used for naming "ARTIST/ARTIST - TITLE" and "ARTIST TITLE" for sorting.

Better yet...  Is there a way to setup Myth to diplay in the format FIRST-ALPHA+NUMERIC>ARTIST>TITLE??  This would be MUCH easier to navigate such a
large collection.  I suppose I could somehow script ID3 tag creation so that it imported this info and put the first character of the artist name as
the "Genre" and sort by "GENRE ARTIST TITLE"... seems like a lot to do though, and I really don't want to use my genre field for that in case I ever
want to go back and sort later.

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