[mythtv-users] Re: changechannel support for DirecTV tuner

Felix mythtv at ymhee-bcex.net
Tue Jul 19 22:23:21 EDT 2005

I didn't think that I can grant permissions to the port ;-/ I know now, 
but it didn't help. Well, it helped in the sense that now my regular uid 
can run directv from command line successfully. But changing channel 
from inside mythfrontend doesn't work... I even started mythfrontend as 
root, so it is obviously not permissions problem. Any troubleshooting I 
can do to see if the external command is indeed sent to the box?

Feels like I am soooo close!

David Morris wrote:

> Why not avoid sudo altogether and just grant world read/write 
> permissions to the port?  It would simplify things, and shouldn't 
> really be a security concern on a home Linux box, especially a 
> dedicated Myth box that only has a DirecTV receiver attached.
> So just "chmod a+rw /dev/ttyS0" drop the sudo and see if it works 
> then.  If you're really paranoid about security you could set the 
> group on /dev/ttyS0 to mythtv or whatever your myth login group is and 
> likewise set the same group on the directv.pl script.  Then you can 
> just allow group read/write on the device.
> David
> Felix wrote:
>> I got the serial cable, got the script, got some additional perl 
>> library (Time::HiRes) and everything is working fine... almost ;-/
>> the script directv.pl works great when I run it as root; however, as 
>> regular user, I was getting "Could not open /dev/ttyS0: Permission 
>> denied". So, I set up sudo for directv.pl; and now it works from 
>> command line. However, in MythTV it still doesn't change channels...
>> I tried the following line in mythtvsetup (Input connections - 
>> External channel change command):
>> sudo directv.pl box_type D10-100 setup_channel
>> (with and without sudo) but the channels don't change...
>> Any suggestions?
>> Thanks
>> Felix
>> djg at pdp8.net wrote:
>>>> Is there a changechannel for DirecTV tuner anywhere?
>>> http://www.pdp8.net/directv/directv.shtml

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