[mythtv-users] Underscan/Overscan problem: how do I solve it?

Oscar Curero oscar at naiandei.net
Tue Jul 19 20:00:57 EDT 2005

El Martes, 19 de Julio de 2005 03:42, Robin Smith escribió:
> Almost all TVs apply overscan to the signal they recieve. In other
> words, the TV takes the 720 x 576 signal you are sending it, and
> probably crops 5-10% off of each side, so you are likely losing 40-ish
> pixels to the left and right and 30-ish to the top and bottom.
> Supposedly, you can get a better modeline for your TV out that will
> take care of the crop by giving you the correct timings and pixels,
> "inside" of the 720x576, but I gave up and simply could not get it
> working. Instead, I went the second best route and had my Myth GUI
> display in a window (its in the Appearance section of settings. I then
> messed with the offsets to get the top left corner where I wanted it,
> then messed with the height/width to get the bottom right corner where
> I wanted it.
> BTW, the crop you are seeing in the GUI is also happening to your TV
> playback, so once you get the GUI right, you might want to mess with
> having Myth playback TV using the same setting as the GUI, there's a
> menu option somewhere in Settings to let you do this, you'll see a lot
> more of the picture once you do this.
> Robin
So, I need to use the "use window mode" and then use the options in the 
playblack section. Right?

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