[mythtv-users] Losing audio on Avermedia 771 ( Bt878)

Ed Murray mail at avenuedesign.net
Tue Jul 19 19:46:53 EDT 2005

I am using mythtv 0.18.1

When watching TV I get full audio to start with and everything seems to
be fine. However there are several occasions where the audio will drop

The first is changing channels. Sometimes a change will be fine other
times it will drop the audio. After exiting back to the menu & going
back in the audio is restored. 

Secondly during the middle of a recording it will quite often drop out
also. This also seems to be random. Sometimes it happens sometimes it

On myth 0.16 & 0.17 this behaviour did not occur. Is this because of
changes in myth or could it be because of kernel upgrades which happened
at the same time?

I am currently using  2.6.12-rc6 but can confirm this also happened on

Has anybody else experienced this behaviour?
Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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