[mythtv-users] UK: Getting strange audio track on BBC 1

Toby Smith maillists at oikade.co.uk
Tue Jul 19 18:24:37 EDT 2005

Stutty wrote:
> On 7/19/05, Ivan A. Beveridge <ivan at dreamtime.org> wrote:
>>I've been getting odd sound & video *only* during Eastenders (BBC1,
>>BBC3). This has been for the last month, and seemed to conside (or nearly
>>coincide) with my upgrade from 0.17 to 0.18.1.
> Exactly the same symptoms, it is the one major fly in my move from a
> PVR350 to a DVB card, fortunately I don't seem to record much off BBC1
> - but I'm worried it willl spread to other channels (the wife reckons
> she seen it behave like this on BBC2).
> Work around for me is to turn off xvmc-vld Hardware decoding.

I've experienced the same symptoms with certain programs (originally Dr 
Who for me) - my understanding is that it is related to having multiple 
audio streams, specifically including the "audio description for the 
visually imparied" in the MPEG stream. The hardware via decoder can't 
handle this type of MPEG, which is why it stutters with decoding on, but 
works OK with decoding off.

The solution I found (courtesy of Terry Barnaby's instructions at 
http://www.kingcot.eclipse.co.uk/unichrome/mythtv.html) was to turn the 
DVB card to TS stream mode in Mythtv-setup. Since then I've not had a 
problem with new recordings, though this wont fix old recordings.

Toby Smith

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