[mythtv-users] Cannot change channels with M179

Walt Howd walthowd at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 17:28:16 EDT 2005


The fix you really want is to try your default tuner.ko, replacing the
tuner.ko from ivtv. Just swap them out real quick, run depmod and give
it a try.


On 7/19/05, Ben Holt <beanjammin at gmail.com> wrote:
> >Jul 15 12:25:35 mythtvserver saa7115: decoder set input (4)
> >Jul 15 12:25:35 mythtvserver saa7115: now setting Composite input
> If you're not intending to use the composite input this would explain
> why you are getting nothing but static.  Check that your input method
> is set correctly and let me know how you make out. For testing
> purposes you can use ivtvctl to change the input like so:
> ivtvctl -d /dev/video1 -p <input number>
> For a list of potentical input numbers use ivtvctl -n.  Once you've
> got the input set correctly change your encoder to the correct channel
> with ptune.pl <channel number>.
> Then for a test capture use cat /dev/video1 > test.mpeg
> BTW, ivtvctl and ptune.pl come with the ivtv sources.
> - Ben
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