[mythtv-users] MythShyte: One unhappy customer

John Kuhn kuhn at razorsys.com
Tue Jul 19 16:25:19 EDT 2005

from the docs

-A PIII/733MHz system can encode one video stream using the MPEG-4 codec 
using 480x480 capture resolution. This does not allow for live TV 
watching, but does allow for encoding video and then watching it later.

your just barely cutting it.. if you want to use that 1ghz system 
effiecntly get a hardware based tv card like the PVR-250,350,500,150 or 
lower the bitrate and resolution that you are using to record with your 
software based card..

shitting all over mythtv will get you nowhere.. i suggest wording things 
better in the future..you're lucky there is some really good guys on 
this list..

> 25fps
> no HD
> no xvmc
> 512Mb ram
> VIA chipset
> 640x480resolution
> the pauses were less on the 1Ghz, so the system was marginally faster, 
> but still paused. I cant imagine what would happen if I tried to 
> record something!
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> What is the framrate of your captured videos?
> Is this HD?
> Are you using xvmc?
> How much RAM do you have?
> What chipset is your motherboard using?
> What resolution are you outputing?
> I'm sure others will have more questions... but I'm sure those are
> some things people will need to know before they can help.
> Dave
> On 7/19/05, antec <antec30 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> I am atill getting prebuffer pause even though I have done everything
>> recommended in the documentation pages:
>> * bought and installed a geforce card
>> * got xwindows working with nvidia
>> * upgraded machine to a P3-1Ghz. (not a celeron!)
>> * checked and reconfigured all of the TV settings under mythtv.
>> Mythtv on my system was build using fc3 and atrpms. So I compiled 
>> nothing.
>> Am I missing something crucial here, or is this just a case of sloppy 
>> code.
>> This project has cost me time and money to get a result that is no 
>> better
>> than "myth-shyte". After all, why would I now go and buy a p4-3.3 to 
>> watch
>> tv, when I can just plug in my P1 and do the same thing (without 
>> buffering
>> naturally).
>> Unless Im blind in both eyes and delusional, I think the next step is to
>> return to freevo aka bugvo and give mythtv the myth-skip.
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