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Tue Jul 19 09:24:11 EDT 2005

How do you stream the live tv???

Can this addon Pages for mythweb be downloaded??

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I use mythstreamtv to view tv from my mythbox at home to my PC at
work.  It's basiclly uses vlc (with ffmpeg) to stream a scaled video. 
 It uses some add on forms to MythWeb for control.  Then from a PC on
the internet I access the stream with Windows Media Player

On 7/15/05, Kevin Kuphal <kuphal at> wrote:
> Arno Puder wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I would like to use MythTV in the following way:
> >
> >- run MythTV on a PC without a monitor
> >- capture the video signal and stream it into the
> >  Internet.
> >- use another machine as a client to watch the stream.
> >- possibly change channels remotely.
> >
> >Can this be done with MythTV?
> >
> >
> What I would do is this:
> Local site where you want to watch: Set up mythtv frontend/backend
> combination as master backend with databse
> Remote site with content feed: Set up a slave backend, connect to master
> and database
> I would use an SSH tunnel or something similar to connect the two sites
> securely between firewalls (just open the SSH ports)
> Set up the remote slave backend with a different lineup with channels
> that do not overlap so that you can guarantee that you can schedule
> recordings at one site or the other by picking the right channel.
> Record at whatever bitrate you want to watch.
> Create a post-recording job that runs a script that does:
> 1.  Rsync/scp the file from remote backend to local backend
> 2.  Updates the database to change the hostname of the recording (this
> will allow the frontend to find it properly) when the file has been moved.
> This way you get the full bandwidth of the recording.   If you're trying
> to watch live content, I would use mythstream which uses VLC, start a
> recording (do not use liveTV on the remote backend and then stream that
> recording using mythstream while in progress).  VLC should handle your
> bandwidth properly and let you watch the "live" recording.
> Kevin
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