[mythtv-users] Font in menu's is too small

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 03:32:36 EDT 2005


I am using G.A.N.T. on one of my frontends.  It's a Samsung DLP HDTV
monitor, and I have attached my Mythbox to it via the vga out on my
nvidia GF4 MMX 440, and in using the "PC" in, which is just a vga
input.  The video looks outstanding, I mean this is by far the best
image I've ever seen (when viewing High Def shows).

But, when I go back to the menus, the font is really small.  The TV is
a 61" TV, and the font is probably about .5" to 1", probably closer to
the .5"  I've tried messing with the Font settings in the TV Menu, but
nothing changes in the menus.  I'm assuming the font settings I'm
tweaking is for subtitles or something else I never use, but I could
easily be wrong.  Nonetheless, they are not changing the font in the
myth menus.

This is also affected when I view descriptions of videos in mythvideo.
 The font is so small, that I need to use my super vision to see it
(which means I have to get up off the couch and walk towards the TV
until it becomes clear :D ).

Any ideas?  Where is the obvious setting I'm missing?  


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