[mythtv-users] Re: changechannel support for DirecTV tuner

Felix mythtv at ymhee-bcex.net
Tue Jul 19 00:49:29 EDT 2005

I got the serial cable, got the script, got some additional perl library 
(Time::HiRes) and everything is working fine... almost ;-/
the script directv.pl works great when I run it as root; however, as 
regular user, I was getting "Could not open /dev/ttyS0: Permission 
denied". So, I set up sudo for directv.pl; and now it works from command 
line. However, in MythTV it still doesn't change channels...

I tried the following line in mythtvsetup (Input connections - External 
channel change command):
sudo directv.pl box_type D10-100 setup_channel
(with and without sudo) but the channels don't change...

Any suggestions?

djg at pdp8.net wrote:

>>Is there a changechannel for DirecTV tuner anywhere?

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