[mythtv-users] Redo Program recordedmarkup

Steve Malenfant smalenfant at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 00:19:13 EDT 2005

I've been fooling around my system to re-import recorded program from
a messed upgrade of FC2->FC3 atrpms issues where rpm/apt-get/yum
doesn't work anymore (I still don't have a workaround).  So I
transformed my mythfrontend machine into a myth combo.

The problem is that I've migrated from pchdtv driver to 2 Air2PC (rev
0.2 card for 70$, works great with 2.6.12 with linuxtv patches) DVB
drivers and that created some issues using dataDirect, that I later on
modified with the right XMLTV ID and now works fine.  The problem was
re-importing back the data, so I had to modify the chanid of my
recordedprogram, then everything worked.

The problem was the fast forward since I haven't imported the
recordedmarkup table (which I learned that from lookup at the
mythconverg database).  I messed doing my SQL update and I had to
restart again which I lost one complete program of markup (cause audio
hiccups when forwarding).

Simple question after all this here... Is there a way to redo the
program markup?

Also, why is there 2 modes to save the data in the DVB capture setup? 
TS and PS...  Is the TS saving the MPTS(whole transport) and the ps
the SPTS(single program)?  If that's the case than the choice of
wording is wrong, cause I could think it's an actual PS (Program
Stream) instead of TS (Transport Stream).

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