[mythtv-users] Slave backend thinks it's the master backend - help!!

Alex Brekken brekkal at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 09:59:40 EDT 2005

Hey guys, here's some background info first before I get to my
questions:  I'm running a combo frontend/backend machine on FC3 and
Myth 18.1 ATRPM's using Jarod's guide.  This box has 1 PVR-250 tuner
card.  All is working very well, but I've been yearning for a 2nd
tuner so I decided to setup a slave backend which will connect to a
2nd cable box (moto 6200) via Firewire.

So, I've got the slave box setup with FC3 and Myth 18.1, and I opened
up the security on the MySQL DB on the master machine to allow other
connections from my internal network.  (per the Myth documentation)
The IP of the master machine is and the IP of the slave
is  These are static IP's assigned by the router.

On the mythtvsetup for the master, I changed both the "this machine"
and "master backend" IP address fields from to the "real" IP
of  Fine, no problems yet.  Then I go through
mythtvsetup on the slave, and assign the "this machine" field to, and the "master backend" field to  Makes
sense so far, right?  However, when I start mythbackend on the slave
box, it starts as the MASTER SERVER.  What!!??  I've double and
triple-checked the IP addresses to make sure I didn't make a typo
anywhere, but I didn't.  My admittedly simplistic understanding of
this is if the 2 IP addresses are different in the setup, then
mythbackend assumes it's a slave, but if they're the same then it
assumes it's the master.  The IP's in my slave setup are clearly
different (and correct), but yet it still thinks it's the master.

Some additional info:  Neither of these machines have a real hostname.
 Both are localhost.localdomain.  This caused a problem for me
initially when doing mythtvsetup because the setup thought they were
both the same machine - each setting I changed would be shared by the
other.  I then modifed the mysql.txt file on the SLAVE box, by
uncommenting the LocalHostName field and setting it to "slave."  Now,
the setup appears to be correct, except of course that the slave
backend starts up as the master server.  (might this initial confusion
have hosed something up?)

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I'm
absolutely baffled my this.  Setting up a slave backend seems like a
fairly straightforward thing, so I'm surprised that I'm hitting this

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