[mythtv-users] Changing channels gets no sound until I switchaudiotracks

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Mon Jul 18 09:29:39 EDT 2005

Sammo wrote:

> This is what I have just noticed.
> Let's look at channel 7 and 9 for now. Channel 7 has one track only, 
> an mp2 track. Channel 9 has two tracks, an mp2 track and an AC3 track. 
> I know this is correct because I've played with real set top boxes and 
> other DVB software.
> The problem is that in live tv, it is still possible to select from 
> two audio tracks in channel 7, even though it really only has one 
> track. Pressing +/- keys shows "Audio track 1" and "Audio track 2". 
> One of the tracks is real (the mp2 track), and the other track does 
> not exist. When changing from channel 9 (which has two tracks) to 
> channel 7, mythtv tries to use the same audio track, even if the 
> channel doesn't have that track.. hence sometimes there is no audio 
> when changing channels
> Okay, in recorded shows, channel 7 only shows the one audio track 
> (which is correct). Pressing +/- keys only shows "Audio track 1"
> 0.18.1 and latest CVS has this problem. It must have something to do 
> with how mythtv handles the audio tracks when changing channels in 
> live tv mode. Repeat, it does not affect recorded shows.
> 0.17 was fine, as far as I remember. So it must have something to do 
> with changes that have occured between then and now. Hopefully one of 
> the more knowledgable developers will find this information useful.
> Hope it helps .... now to catch up on some shows ....seeyas

I concur.  Seems to be only live TV.  None of my recordings so far, have 
been missing audio.  However, trying your example, if I tune to channel 
9, select track 1, then tune to 7, I get no audio.  In fact, whilst on 
7, I can switch between track 2 (audio) and track 1 (no audio).

Also note, the suggestions around earlier, about changing to TS instead 
of PS, seemed to make no difference.

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