[mythtv-users] Re: Video library playback using 802.11g wireless network

Barry Hee barryhee at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 04:12:48 EDT 2005

On Jul 13, 2005, at 5:21 AM, Eskil Brun wrote: 

> After googling and searching the mythtv mailing lists I have not 
> found an answer to the following: 
> I have just set up a mythtv backend (2.4ghz P4 with two pvr150 
> cards) that works just fine. Great work, guys! 
> I use a 802.11g wireless network in my house. So far this has been 
> sufficient. 
> I have been using mythfrontend on my macintosh Powerbook. 
> Playing around with encoding and transcoding settings, I have found 
> out that MPEG4 with 1 megabit of transfer rate will give me 
> acceptable quality. 
> Using the mythfrontend, playback will abort and return to the 
> frontend anywhere from a few minutes to a few seconds after starting. 
> In the log on the backend I get this message: 
> WriteBlock zerocnt timeout 
> Using HTTP for streaming the .nuv file from my backend to VLC on my 
> powerbook, playback is flawless and uninterrupted. 
> Since I can use the frontend with a 100MB ethernet connection (i 
> have a switch) to my backend with no problem, I assume that the 
> unregular data rate of my wireless network combined with 
> insufficient video buffering is causing this. 
> Both my frontend hosts have 1GB of system memory and I would like 
> to increase the buffering capacity of the mythfrontend software. 
> Since my wireless network is fully capable of 1 megabit rate in 
> average (but not substained) this should solve my playback problems. 
> My question is: Is this not possible due to how the frontend player 
> works? I know little about its workings. 
> If possible, any hints to where in the source code I could try out 
> increasing buffer capacity would be helpful. 
> Also, any comments about about what I would like to do is welcome. 
> Also, where could I change the behaviour of the frontend from 
> aborting? Is it the backend aborting the stream? 
> I could go diving in to the source code myself, but I would very 
> much like some advice. 
> Eskil... 
> :-) 
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I also have had this problem specifically when playback recordings. I
have less of a problem when watching LiveTV, so I guess there is more
overhead when watching recordings.

My WiFi network can sustain about 2.00MB/s and that is with an Apple
Airport Extreme Base Station.

Hope someone can help fix this?


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