[mythtv-users] Master+Slave cards HOW???????

Matt Goebel matt at goebelnet.com
Mon Jul 18 00:26:03 EDT 2005

Ok...  I give up!  I'm ready to beat someone here.  This should be simple, but I can't get it to work no matter what I try...  I've read all the
documentation I can find.  (fedora+myth, Mythtv.org docs, wiki's etc...)  Mythtv in general.. easy to setup, this is a pain.

I have 2x Myth systems:

1. Master (Lastest ATRPMS Myth, 1x PVR-250, fileserver, Analog cable connection, also network server an less used as frontend, mythweb)

2. Slave (Lastest ATRPMS Myth, 1x PVR-250, Digital cable via composite)

I want the following:

1. The lave PVR-250 to be the first (primary) card, so that my recordings are digital quality when available (analog cn be a little grainy here)

2. The master PVR-250 to handle live TV during recordings on the slave, and record if there's a conflict

So to setup I:

1. Load mythtvsetup on the master... change both IP's to the private LAN address, skip defining a card (per advanced setup doc), enter my video
sources, exit.

2. Change MySQL to allow connections for the Mythtv users from anywhere on my LAN.

3. Start Mythbackend

4. Run mythfilldatabase, let finish

5. Load mythsetup on slave.. define local LAN IP for slave...  master IP for master backend, exit

6. Start Mythbackend on Slave,  I now see a successful connection on both the master and slave...

7. Run mythsetup on slave, add tuner, try to add input source for tuner..  no options besides "none" since video sources haven't be defined on
slave... exit

8. Check if tuner cardid has been added to DB on master... no luck

9. Restart mythtvsetup on slave... define video source.. assign it to card, exit (Do NOT run mythfilldatabase)...

10. Check if tuner cardid has been added to DB on master... no luck

WTF am I missing?  If I add a source and fill the database on the master I can see use the tuner on the slave...  so that's ok except it makes the
master's PVR-250 the primary.. and I still can't seem to add the 2nd tuner in the slave?

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