[mythtv-users] Can not make AutoExpire run

Niels Dybdahl Niels at Dybdahl.dk
Sun Jul 17 16:25:02 EDT 2005

I have recently upgraded from 0.16 to 0.18.1 and I hoped AutoExpire would run, but I do not think that it does.
I have read that others have lines in their mythbackend.log containing the word autoexpire, but my log file does not have any such lines, so AutoExpire apparently does not run on my system. It did not run when I first installed 0.14 on my server and it did not with 0.16 or 0.18.1.
Does anybody have an idea what could prevent AutoExpire from running ? Missing tables or entries in the database ? It seems to be enabled in the configuration and I have tried disabling it and enabling it again.

Best regards
Niels Dybdahl
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