[mythtv-users] lightweight xbox linux frontend

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 22:08:39 EDT 2005

> Recently there was a thread that went around about using x-dsl as a
> lightweight mythtv frontend for the xbox. It seems that this turned out
> to be a lot of effort for not a lot of reward, so I'ms looking at
> alternatives.
> Basically, I don't believe that xbmcmythtv is there yet as an
> alternative to a proper myth frontend, so I'm looking for an xbox linux
> distro that boots in say 15-20 seconds. I've looked into slax
> (specifically sxbmini), and it would seem to meet these criteria - it
> boots in around 20 secs without any optimization so far. Xebian by
> comparison takes about 90 seconds to become functional.
> I've got some idea of where to start building a slax module for
> mythfrontend, but wondered if there were any other slax module guru's
> out there, or just linux gurus in general who would be able to validate
> my approach.
> I intend to take the output of ldd for the mythfrontend binary, and all
> related config files to those libraries identified and package them into
> a slax module. If I then just drop that module into the modules dir,
> slax will on boot unpack it and merge with the rest of the live distro.
> If I do this (with some assumptions about libc/deep dependency versions
> etc.) can anyone more knowledgable verify that it will work? I'm
> assuming that this is all that the packagers such as dpkg and rpm do,
> but in a more granular fashion. I want a one-hit custom package that
> contains mythfrontend and all its dependencies - whether right or wrong
> from a purists point of view :-).
> I'm going to have a go at this anyway, but suggestions on potential
> pitfalls that I might run into, or better ways to approach it are
> appreciated.

Good luck with this. Would you mind sharing your results & learnings
as I'd be interested in  doing this if it works out?


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