[mythtv-users] Will this solution work? PVR-250 w/ svideo? Before I spend the $$$

Robin Smith 1canuck2 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 20:22:35 EDT 2005

While you won't be capturing true HD, you should be capturing a
considerable better quality signal than SD via analog cable.

The res you can capture will max out a 720x480 (the max capabilities
of the PVR250), which is not HD.

A friend with non-HD satellite (Bell ExpressVu) captured an episode of
Cheers doing svideo in on a PVR250. I recorded the same episode on my
PVR250 via analog cable, and his was better quality video, not tons
better, but better all the same. The audio quality was tons better.

I would imagine that HD into svideo would give you the best quality
picture you could capture with a PVR250, but it will not be HD by any

I am in the dilemna right now of having a happy SD MythTV setup and a
53" HD-capable RPTV. I want to go HD for my next setup, while spending
as little money as possible (both upfront for satellite/cable
recievers as well as for monthly fees). I am in Canada, so OTA options
are limited.

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