[mythtv-users] Support for Fusion HDTV 5 Card for OTA HDTV ?

Mudit Wahal mwahal at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 13:37:20 EDT 2005

Hi All,

Sorry for crossposting to both lists.

I'm wondering if there is support for the new Fusion HDTV 5 card ? Its
based on  LG's 5th Gen Tuner. The Lite version (without USB remote,
which I dont need) is just $99 at digital connection
http://www.digitalconnection.com/products/video/fusion5lt.asp ! This
is the same chipset which is same as the newer Air2PC card. The new
Air2PC card will be supported in linux as far as I know. I already
have HD3000, but would like to add a new card for almost 1/2 the price
of HD3K or Air2PC.



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