[mythtv-users] ex-freevo user trying mythtv

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Sat Jul 16 07:09:22 EDT 2005

> launching mythfrontend works fine, even edited the menus (I dont use
> the TV-cruft), when launching media files (avi etc), mplayer loads,
> however all the mplayer keybindings dont work anymore. Launching

 Question, are you using a window manager or just launching X and mythfrontend?
This sounds like a focus issue which often occurs for people not using a
window manager of any kind.

> Exiting mythtv spews "Could not connect to the master backend server -
> is it running", what exactly is it, and why do i need it? how do i

 mythbackend is the background process that handles the capture cards and
makes sure everything gets recorded. If you are just trying to use myth without
any of the tv abilities then you wouldn't "need it". Just expect that 
error message to occur. Or just run mythbackend and the error should go away.

> how do you span multple directorys of media?

 MythVideo will recurse down from a main directory. If your stuff is not all 
under a single directory use symlinks to the other directories from under
the one you configure in mythvideo.

> mythgame: unsupported version of mame? wtf? latest xmame 0.97, emerged
> from gentoo.

 This xmame/version stuff has all been removed in the latest svn version 
of mythgame and replaced with a much more generic system to add any game or
emulator you like without being tied to any particular games or versions.

 As of Myth 0.18 (and maybe in 0.18.1 as well) the version mythgame wanted
to use was xmame 0.83.

> how does mythtv deal with the ati-remote wonder, freevo has EVENTS

 Myth ties into lirc for remote events. Otherwise you would need to use a 
driver that simulated keyboard events for stuff done on that remote. there
is an ATI_REMOTE driver in the kernel but I don't have an ATI Remote to see
how well that works. I use a custom version of it with my Niveus remote 
so that everything I do on the remote just looks like key presses and I don't 
have to worry about any software "supporting" it.

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