[mythtv-users] ex-freevo user trying mythtv

Dudely Smith mp3geek at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 04:32:28 EDT 2005

Ok, my first attempt at using mythtv instead of freevo, I've ran into
some problems,

launching mythfrontend works fine, even edited the menus (I dont use
the TV-cruft), when launching media files (avi etc), mplayer loads,
however all the mplayer keybindings dont work anymore. Launching
mplayer from a regular X11 session works fine.

Exiting mythtv spews "Could not connect to the master backend server -
is it running", what exactly is it, and why do i need it? how do i
load it?

how do you span multple directorys of media?

mythgame: unsupported version of mame? wtf? latest xmame 0.97, emerged
from gentoo.

how does mythtv deal with the ati-remote wonder, freevo has EVENTS
which handles everything for me (and without the need for lirc), is
there something similar in myth?

how do you password protect the settings option?

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