[mythtv-users] experience for belgium + problems

leszek leszek at skynet.be
Sat Jul 16 03:44:03 EDT 2005

hi all

first i wanted to thanks all the people who contributed to this project
cause it rocks ! The configuration process is rough tough and i had to
manually change the database using phpmyadmin to make it work.

xmltv hadn't any grabber for Belgium but pytvgrab got a grabber for me
(pytvgrab-be_tlm). As the tv program grabbers are hardcoded in mythtv, i
deleted the norvegian one and replaced it with a soft link to the
belgian one i got.

First i created a xawtv (with scantv then modified) file and added the
channels with mythfilldatabase --xawchannels <sourceid> <xawtvrcfile>
It added channels in the database from chanid 1000 to 1035
Then i ran mythfilldatabase to search for programs.
it changed the data of some of the channels in the database but the
others were not recognised so it added duplicates.
So for some of the channels i had 2 entries : one with the link to the
grabber but no frequencies and one with only the frequency.
i had to manually modify the duplicates (with phpmyadmin) to the good
freqid then i deleted the original instance.
I don't know if it's clear :)

i also changed the channum column with numbers

Now it works well.

But i still got a problem some channels are not displaying:
NED1	48.25	E2
FRANCE2	55.25	E3
RTL	62.25	E4
AB3	69.25	S01
MTV	83.25	S03

I noticed that they are the channels with the lower frequencies !
I already got a little noise on these channels so maybe there is a noise
detection mechanism which trigger too fast.
what can i do ?


* more documentation (manpages)

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