[mythtv-users] Q: Using MythTV as a router

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Fri Jul 15 21:58:20 EDT 2005

Arno Puder wrote:

>I would like to use MythTV in the following way:
>- run MythTV on a PC without a monitor
>- capture the video signal and stream it into the
>  Internet.
>- use another machine as a client to watch the stream.
>- possibly change channels remotely.
>Can this be done with MythTV?
What I would do is this:

Local site where you want to watch: Set up mythtv frontend/backend 
combination as master backend with databse
Remote site with content feed: Set up a slave backend, connect to master 
and database

I would use an SSH tunnel or something similar to connect the two sites 
securely between firewalls (just open the SSH ports)
Set up the remote slave backend with a different lineup with channels 
that do not overlap so that you can guarantee that you can schedule 
recordings at one site or the other by picking the right channel.  
Record at whatever bitrate you want to watch.

Create a post-recording job that runs a script that does:

1.  Rsync/scp the file from remote backend to local backend
2.  Updates the database to change the hostname of the recording (this 
will allow the frontend to find it properly) when the file has been moved.

This way you get the full bandwidth of the recording.   If you're trying 
to watch live content, I would use mythstream which uses VLC, start a 
recording (do not use liveTV on the remote backend and then stream that 
recording using mythstream while in progress).  VLC should handle your 
bandwidth properly and let you watch the "live" recording.


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