[mythtv-users] De-interlacing on a non-interlaced display

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Jul 15 21:04:07 EDT 2005

Mark Cooke wrote:

>On Fri, 2005-07-15 at 18:07 -0400, Ian Trider wrote:
>>>Bob still does it to me.  I've been told that turning on opengl-vsync
>>>will fix it, but I still get it.  It makes the OSD jittery, like it's
>>>bouncing up and down 1 pixel incredibly fast.  I think (I don't
>>>remember because it never worked so I don't use it) that it did it to
>>>the broadcast as well, ALTHOUGH it did really smooth the broadcast
>>>itself out... especially the examples of the scrolling news ticker and
>>>the simpsons (and other animated shows).
>>Hence why is is called a "bob" deinterlace. :P
>>Try kerneldeint -- much more processor intensive but it'll look great.
>Or try bob, but with a slight speed adjustment (M key then left/right
>arrows during playback).  I see the bouncing at standard speed playback,
>but at x1.05 or x0.95, the bouncing is gone.
>This is with myth from a few weeks back, on an NVidia GeForce2 MX, using
>the binary NVidia driver 1.0.7667.
>I haven't made time to look for the cause, as I can watch playback at
>x1.1 or x1.2 for most programmes fairly easily.
Are you talking about timestretch? If so, speeding up or slowing down 
will definitely fix any problems you're having with bob deinterlace.  :)



(I'm assuming you mean timestretch based on the xN.N values you gave 
above, even though the "M" key is for menu with the default keybindings 
and "A" is for timestretch.  Perhaps you've remapped your keys...  While 
it's true that you can get to timestretch from the menus, but not with 
only left/right keys.)

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