[mythtv-users] Q: Using MythTV as a router

cfactor cfactor at usrsbin.net
Fri Jul 15 18:52:08 EDT 2005

I'll try to answer those:

1) firewall issue.  Probably the best bet is to setup an ssh tunnel and 
pipe the mythtv port through it.  You can setup the tunnel with 
compression which may or may not help with the streaming.

2) remote control.  You install the frontend on your laptop or whatever 
you're watching it on.  The frontend will take care of all the interface 
you need.  If you're referring to IrDA remote and such things, you install 
it in addition to the frontend on your laptop.

3) resolution.  You can configure those games to be recorded in low 
resolution in the first place if you don't plan on watching it again when 
you get back.  You can also transcode to lower resolution, I believe, but 
I have no experience in that aspect.  If I were in your situation, I'd 
just set it to record at lower bitrate in the first place.  Also, since 
network bandwidth will be an issue, I'd be sure to encode it in MPEG4 
rather than MPEG2.



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On Fri, 15 Jul 2005, Arno Puder wrote:

> thanks for all your responses.
> The reason I am interested in realtime streaming is
> because I want to see live sport events that don't
> broadcast in my area (Americans don't care much for
> soccer; sigh). I'm willing to compromise on the
> quality if I get the feed in realtime.
> The frontend/backend thing sounds like a proper
> client/server architecture that does exactly what I'm
> looking for. What I'm not sure about is (1) firewall
> issues (2) remote control (3) reduce the resolution of
> the feed before streaming.
> Arno
> --- cfactor <cfactor at usrsbin.net> wrote:
>> As someone mentions later, it'd be best to pipe the
>> stream through ssh
>> compressed.  And as Milos says, I think *streaming*
>> over a dsl line would
>> be pointless.  Especially considering most US dsl
>> customers have ADSL with
>> much lower upstream bandwidth.  It might be best to
>> just setup a
>> transcoding system so recorded shows automatically
>> get transcoded to a
>> smaller xvid/divx file that you grab over scp/rsync.
>>  I actually did this
>> for daily show for nights that I couldn't watch it.
>> It'd reencode at
>> lower resolution and upload to my other machine,
>> constantly keeping the
>> last 5 days worth.
>> ___
>> John
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>> On Fri, 15 Jul 2005, Milos Prudek wrote:
>>>>>> - run MythTV on a PC without a monitor
>>>>>> - capture the video signal and stream it into
>> the
>>>>>> Internet.
>>> You can do that, but MythTV has no security.
>> Anyone will be able to login
>>> (because there is no login) and watch and delete
>> music and launch DoS.
>>> You could augment Myth security through firewall
>> that would limit access to a
>>> certain IP.
>>>>>> - use another machine as a client to watch the
>>>>> stream.
>>> The stream is pretty data intensive. 10 MBit is a
>> must.
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