[mythtv-users] TV won't sync in Mythtv menus

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Fri Jul 15 18:48:25 EDT 2005


An odd one here on an Epia SP13000 m/b. Watching TV, playing back a
recording, watching video (mplayer) or DVD (Xine) are all fine when I use
the Unichrome driver in 720x576NoScale mode but the Mythtv menus are
screwed up - interlace problem I think.

Is there a way in Mythtv of setting the interlace mode in anything other
than the player so that the menus come out right? (the same applies to
MythMusic etc as I assume this is not using the Epia accelerated graphics


Robin Gilks zl3rob/g8ecj
Internet: g8ecj at gilks.org    http://www.gilks.org

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