[mythtv-users] TV recording with "jumps" in video, live TV is ok?

Thomas Aeby aeby at graeff.com
Fri Jul 15 16:14:07 EDT 2005


I'm running MythTV 0.18 on an AMD Athlox XP 2000+ Debian Linux machine
(frontend and backend) and with a cheap analogue v4l compatible receiver
(bttv driver, some old Hauppauge WinTV). Since a few weeks I'm seeing
the following effects when recording: From time to time (more than once
a minute) video seems to jump, then is playing slowly (maybe in order
to re-synchronize with the sound, again), then is playing nicely again.

This does not happen if I'm watching live TV and recording worked ok
a while ago - no, sorry, I am not aware of having changed the

I assume this cannot be a performance problem since it does not happen
when watching life TV.

Have you got any hint for me? I'm pretty clueless after having gone
through the configuration again and again.

Best regards,

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