[mythtv-users] OT: DVB/HDTV/Analog tuner cards

Scott catfather at donpoo.net
Fri Jul 15 11:25:40 EDT 2005

On Jul 15, 2005, at 11:09 AM, Leo Przybylski wrote:

> CC is teletext for hearing impaired. Not that I'm hearing impaired,  
> it's just my preference. Even when watching DVDs, I like to have  
> the subtitles on. In myth, the command to turn on CC is 'c'  
> appropriately enough.
>> As for closed captioning - if you can explain what it is and how  
>> to test it, I
>> could try it out for you

I would be interested to know if CC were available for mpeg2 streams  
recorded with the HD3000 card as well I do know that when watching  
shows via my Samsung HDTV tuner from OTA sources I can see CC text  
when it is available. In other words, I know for sure that CC text is  
transmitted in the HDTV OTA signal. Not all programs are closed  
captioned. The best bet are main stream shows like Late Night or  
popular dramas (ER, Lost, House, etc)

Xine, mplayer, and the internal MythTV video player all decode CC  
data. As Leo said, for the internal MythTV player the option is 'c'  
to enable or disable it. For mplayer the option is "-subcc" and for  
xine there config file option is "subtitles.closedcaption.enabled".

I am hearing impaired and addicted to movies :) For me MythTV is one  
component in the home theater I set up last year and I plan to add  
the ability to record HDTV shows via a HD3000 adapter soon. For now,  
MythTV mainly serves as a front end for DVD playback where I let xine  
handled the CC decoding. The main reasons for using a HTPC to handle  
DVD playback are to improve picture quality (very noticeable  
improvement) and handle CC decoding since projectors do not decode CC  

For the curious, photos of my small HT are at http://donpoo.net/ 

Scott <catfather at donpoo.net>
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