[mythtv-users] Video gets choppy when changing channels/opening prog. guide

Asher Schaffer freedenizen at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 10:33:35 EDT 2005

> 1.  Whenever I change the channel, there is about a
> 3-4 second pause while the channel changes.  Is it
> possible to eliminate this delay?

That would be the buffer.  When you change channels it buffers it for
a couple of seconds.  I think the delay should only be 2 seconds, but
I could be wrong.  Also, are you using an external cable box?  If so,
there could be additional delay being caused by changing the channel
on the box, first.

> 2.  Sometimes, after a channel change or when bringing
> up the program guide, the video becomes *very* choppy
> and there is no sound.  I can leave it for 5-10
> minutes and it corrects, or I can back out of watching
> TV and re-enter and it's fine.  What can I do to fix
> this?

I think you should open an SSH window on another machine and watch top
when you changing channels or bring up the program guide.  That will
tell you very quickly if it is spiking your processor at those times. 
I wouldn't think that it would the problem though.  Maybe there is a
video driver issue?

As for RAM, 512 should be more then enough if you are just running
myth on the box.

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