[mythtv-users] How to set channel PIDs

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Fri Jul 15 10:03:45 EDT 2005

Brett Stevens wrote:

>Hi sorry if this has been asked before but Im at the end of my whits now.
>Ive been fiddling around for about 3 weeks trying to get myth working. 
>Firstly I got a semi supported card (dvico fusion plus).... one week later
>got that working.
>sorta. using tzap and xine (No sound)
>Anyway figured id go on with myth and cover the sound problem later. Ive now
>spent 2 weeks on trying to configure tv. Got just about everything else
>working (dvd's ripping weather rss and browsing) still no tv. 
>Ive read about a thousand howto's and they mostly talk about entering the
>video and audio pids.
>Unless Im completely stupid (quite likely these days) I just cant find
>anywhere to add them
>now getting desperate as the wife wants to know where the money and time as
>Ive been using this guide to configure as this seems to be a little more
>accurate for Australia 
>thanks In advance
>Brett Stevens
http://www.users.on.net/~jani/dvico-mythtv-11.html  is a good resource, 
and it got me working.

I just got a Twinhan DVB-T card working (in Australia).   What I did 
first was get it working outside of myth.  If you have had success with 
tzap, now use scan  to generate a channels.conf file, example...

./scan dvb-t/canberra-au | tee mychannels.conf

Scan is one of the standard DVB utilities (see http://www.linuxtv.org/ - 
maybe download the linuxtv-dvb-apps just to get the readme on scan)   
The canberra-au example frequency list should be close (for me - just 
the SBS freq was wrong, but once I corrected that, all went well)

The channels.conf file goes in various directories, depending on what 
app you are using, for example, put a copy in ~/.mplayer  and also one 
in ~/.xine.

Another good test for the basic DVB functionality is to fire up 
kaffeine.  If DVB is awake and available, there will be a DVB tab in 
kaffeine, and it can scan for, and play TV for you (as well as record 
and timeshift).

If it is all working, then when you run mythtv-setup, you can import the 
channels.conf into the channel setup section.  This is where  
http://www.users.on.net/~jani/dvico-mythtv-11.html#ss11.5   didn't work 
for me.  In the channel setup section where he manually configures the 
channels, I imported the channels.conf  (I think the option to do that 
was under an advanced button)  Must be a feature in later versions of 
myth  - mine is .18.1

The only left to do then is get the tv grabber working.  When you have 
it working and retrieving XML, go into mythtv-setup, set it up as a 
source, then go back to channel setup, and enter the XML ID for the 
channels with guide data.  I grab data from d1.com.au, and I get program 
info for all the basic channels.

That's a brief rundown, and even recalling that tested my memory.  I am 
gald though, because will need to be able to do it again for myself.   
If you need further explanation, ask away, I'll try to help.  The 
frustration from my experience, is still fresh in my mind, and I would 
have been glad of any help myself  :-)

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