[mythtv-users] Myth Game Emulation - Setup

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Fri Jul 15 10:02:13 EDT 2005

> this, especially Sega MegaDrive/Genesis support via GENS, but I am 
> unclear about adding a game starter to mythtv. Maybe you could elaborate 

 Note this requires the latest SVN version of mythgame but the 
following are the basic steps. I've also got a couple screenshots
up at http://www.phaze.org/mythtv/mythgame/ .

 I just added mythgame7,jpg and mythgame8.jpg which should show you 
what I describe below.

 Go into Settings -> Game Settings -> Game Players

 Click "New Game Player"

 Fill in the following:

    Player Name : Any thing you like. This is how it will be labeled
                  in the GameTree and in the Player List.

    Type: Set it to Genesis/Megadrive. (You can use other if you are 
          adding a emulator that doesn't have a type listed)

    CommandLine:  Fill in the path/command for this emulator and any options.
                %s can be used in place of the romname or if left off will 
                automatically be added to the end of the command.

                For Example my znes Commandline is this:
                      /usr/local/bin/zsnes -m -j -cs %s

    RomPath: Path to where the roms for this emulator. This will be recursively
                searched so they don't all have to be in the single directory.

    SceenShots: Path to where screenshots are located(not required)

    Working Directory: If you need the current directory changed before running
                A game or emulator you can place the path you want to change
                to here . (not required)

    File Extensions: Fill in what extensions should be considered to be
                roms for this emulator. If left blank then any file regardless
                of name found will be considered a rom for this emulator.

                My list for zsnes is zip,smc,sfc,fig,swc. 

                I will make this field auto fill in for the defined gametypes
                and you will still be able to add more if you wish, I just
                haven't gotten around to that yet.

 After you have added your emulator(s) then just run Scan for Games 
and you should be good to go.

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