[mythtv-users] Myth won't scheduling multi-part episodes

Leander Hanwald shockflash at web.de
Fri Jul 15 04:03:58 EDT 2005


I have such problems if I say mythtv to start a couple of minutes before
the epg time, and stop a little bit later. So the times overlap and it
can't record the second show. But if this would be your problem, we
should be record at least the first and third episode.

ffrr wrote:

> I am trying to get it to always record Doctor Who.  Each showing is a
> 30 minute part of an episode, that normally spans 4 of these 30 minute
> showings.   Each 30 minute part shows up in the guide with the same name
> e.g.
> Doctor Who -  "State of Decay"
> No matter what I do with the auto-scheduling, it always schedules the
> first one, but not the later ones.  If I force it to record a later
> one ('record anyway') manually, it turns off the earlier one, saying
> there is a later showing.
> I thought the 'Record anytime on any channel' option should just do
> it, but apparently it refuses to record (what it thinks are) repeats. 
> How do I get around this?
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