[mythtv-users] Problem Using SA3250HD with Firewire Capture

Mike Smith easygreenus at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 14 23:49:18 EDT 2005


I just received a Scientific Atlanta 3250HD with an
active Firewire port and can't get it to work with
MythTV 0.18 on Mandrake 10.0.  I have Time Warner
Cable in Cincinnati.  They didn't go out of their
way to get the box to me, but I was VERY persistant.
Took about six weeks of pestering.

The 1394 port on the 3250HD is active.  I plugged it
into the firewire port on my HDTV and I get ALL the
digital channels, including HBO.

I built the latest release of libraw1384, libiec61883,
and the utilities for the 2.6 kernal.  I can
load all the drivers.

I can plug a Firewire external drive into the 1394A
built into my motherboard and its recognized.  I can
mount filesystems on the drive.  When I do a
with the drive attached,  I see information for node 0
and node 1.

Next,  I removed the drive, rebooted the mythbackend
server and connected the 1394 port on the 3250 to
the 1394A port on my computers motherboard while
tailing /var/log/messages.  Nothing.  No messages at
all.  I then do a plugreport and see only node 0.

Here are the 1394 related drives loaded:

[root at lbk libiec61883]# lsmod |grep 1394
dv1394                 20076  0
video1394              17996  0
raw1394                29740  0
eth1394                21256  0
ohci1394               33348  2 dv1394,video1394
ieee1394              319704  5

When I load the drivers manually,  I get the following
messages in /var/log/messages:

Jul 14 18:26:19 lbk kernel: devfs_mk_dev: could not
append to parent for raw1394Jul 14 18:26:19 lbk
kernel: ieee1394: raw1394: /dev/raw1394 device
Jul 14 18:26:52 lbk kernel: devfs_mk_dev: could not
append to parent for video1394/0
Jul 14 18:26:52 lbk kernel: video1394: Installed
video1394 module

Anyone have an idea on what else I can try?



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