[mythtv-users] Commercial skip does not resume normal playback

Steve Elzinga steven_elzinga at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 14 18:32:56 EDT 2005


I have been having problems when skipping commercials
for my station that receives 1080i format.  When I do
a commercial skip the video will not resume at a
normal speed.  The video starts off really slow and
slowly speeds up.  Pausing the show and replaying does
not help.  I do not have this problem when I do the 10
second skip.  Stations that do not broadcast the 1080i
format (720p for example) do not have this problem
either.  Probably irrelevant but the first audio
channel that Myth selects (audio channel 2) contains
no sound so static comes out of the speakers.

Frontend Hardware:
Soyo P4RC350 motherboard (ATI chipset)
onboard ethernet controller (VIA Velocity 1Gb running
at 100 Mb)
onboard sound card (ATI IXP)
512 MB 3200 RAM
3.2 GHz Pentium 4
Nvidia FX 5200 - VGA out

Frontend Software:
Gentoo Distribution
2.6.12-r4 kernel
MythTV 18.1
Xorg (no window manager)

Backend Hardware:
Syntax MB (onboard VIA - Samuel2 processor)
onboard ethernet controller (Realtek type)
HD3000 HDTV card
IDE hard drives

Backend Software:
Gentoo Distribution
2.6.12-r4 kernel
MythTV 18.1

I have been running around in circles about this for
the past week.  Any tips / debugging hints would be

Thanks in advance,


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