[mythtv-users] Importing DVDs to Myth

Nick Rout nick at rout.co.nz
Thu Jul 14 17:51:55 EDT 2005

On Tue, 12 Jul 2005 23:28:40 -0400
Scott wrote:

> On Jul 12, 2005, at 9:03 PM, Nick Rout wrote:
> > OK, well I suggested a script to rip the DVD, make an iso and do the
> > metadata with the script being linked in to one of the menus.
> >
> > That is easy if the script is non-interactive, but this script would
> > need some interactivity.
> >
> > For one thing the iso will need to be named. The name will need to be
> > user supplied because AFAIK there is no equivalent to the cddb for
> > DVD's. Also the IMDB search is dependent on the name. The IMDB search
> > may also fail, in which case you need to supply an IMDB number  
> > manually
> > or enter the metadata yourself. This is starting to look suspiciously
> > like the facility already built into mythvideo.
> >
> > Therefore my approach (without writing a whole lot of C++ to make a
> > plugin) would be to have a script that simply rips the dvd to iso, and
> > prompts for a name. It then puts the iso in the mythvideo  
> > directory, and
> > you do the metadata stuff in the existing gui.
> >
> > I am not sure how best to prompt for the name.
> I think this is the right idea. But this is a fall back situation.  
> The way I see it working (without actually understanding fully MythTV  
> capabilities )is as follows:
> 1) IMDB (or amazon.com?) search based on disc title

How do you get the disc title in there?

> 2a) For one result display a confirm results screen
> 2b) For multiple results display a select disc screen
> 2c) For no results prompt for some key info then go to step 1 (maybe  
> the barcode off the dvd case?)

This is how mythvideo pretty well handles it - except it prompts for the IMDB number if it can't find it itself. Its pretty easy to do a imdb
search on another box via a web browser and simply insert the number.

> 3) After disc meta data is confirmed THEN do the DVD import using  
> lsdvd + dd (no ripping)
> 4) Store disc meta data into MythVideo after the DVD copy finishes  
> (exit success)

Building the gui is the tough bit for me, being a non c++ programmer, I
cannot grok the source at all.

Thinking about it, it may be easier to set up a web interface as an
extension to mythweb. 

> Obviously this is not full proof but I think the idea of itself  
> should handle 90% of the discs out there. Rather than make it perfect  
> on the first pass I'm more interested in getting it started. Make it  
> work then make it better, it's the Linux Way(tm).
> On the issue of ISO naming, one the meta data is had something can be  
> done to gen some sane file names. Of course there will be issues. For  
> example, TV show box sets (ie: The West Wing Season 1 vs The West  
> Wing Season 2) often have non-unique disc names across multiple discs.
> By the way, I should really look into exactly what is possible and is  
> not possible with MythTV before I get such grand ideas of how the  
> thing should work. ;)
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Nick Rout

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