[mythtv-users] Bootable mythfrontend?

Nick Rout nick at rout.co.nz
Thu Jul 14 17:38:38 EDT 2005

Thanks to all who replied. I knew that knoppmyth existed, but thought
that it was install only (I watched the systm tv program where they
installed a back&frontend from knoppmyth and assumed it was install only.)

Thanks for the heads up on that!

will start downloading as soon as I finish this.

On Thu, 14 Jul 2005 04:52:57 -0700
Cecil Watson wrote:

> Nick Rout wrote:
> > Does anyone know of a distro that boots off a CD and runs mythfrontend?
> > I have a few windows boxes around the house that the family refuses to
> > change to a decent OS, and WinMYTH seems to be a dog.
> > 
> Yes.
> > But if I could boot off a CD and run the frontend entirely off the CD,
> > it would be ultra cool. Something along the lines of knoppix, although
> > it could be a lot smaller of course.
> > 
> KnoppMyth at mysettopbox.tv.
> > If no such thing is presently available, would others be in favour of
> > doing this? gentoo is great for making bootable CD's, and there are also
> > many howtos about the show on re-mastering knoppix.
> > 
> Google is your friend.
> > Can anyone think of any pitfalls? One is that some info (backend
> > address, database password etc) would need to be stored somewhere other
> > than on the CD.
> > 
> Works great!
> Regards,
> Cecil

Nick Rout

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