[mythtv-users] What's a good mini front-end-only box?

Todd Pearsall mythtv at pearsall.us
Thu Jul 14 16:53:13 EDT 2005

It's a great light weight front end.  Google Myth MediaMVP for the site.  It
loads a myth image via tftp from the myth server.  From there you can watch
recorded TV shows via the myth protocol or video via an NFS mount (scripts
exist to make a friendlier name).

I have audio sync issues with ripped DVDs, but TV playback works well.  You
can watch and delete recordings, but you cannot currently schedule using the
MediaMVP box.  It can only play MPEG1/MPEG2 video, no dice on MPEG4 so you
can't transcode the shows.

- Todd

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> At 08:28 AM 7/14/2005, Jeff volckaert wrote:
>>The cheapest, smallest, and quietest frontend I can think of is the
>>Hauppauge MediaMVP for $86.
> Very impressive. What's required to make this a true frontend machine?
> Seems to mention something about adding a 750mhz or better pentium...
> memory? disk? What do I have to buy to get one of these sitting happily
> next to my tv and talking to my Myth backend
> and the all important question, is it supported well currently?


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