[mythtv-users] New Microsoft Media Keyboard

jack jr at jrh.net
Thu Jul 14 11:15:17 EDT 2005

Ah great, that looks like what I was looking for. My googlefu on the subject
was weak and running me in circles. Thanks!

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> On Thu, 14 Jul 2005 04:32 am, jack wrote:
> > Anybody know how to remap keys on a linux usb keyboard? Not sure where
> to
> > start, the top has keys for shut down and sleep which basically just
> crash
> > my machine. I would like to disable or remap them, any pointers for
> where
> > to start?
> Go to a terminal (Ctrl-Atl-F1) and execute 'showkey'.  This gives you the
> key
> codes for the keys you press.  (Also good for cleaning your keyboard as
> suggested in the man page.)  You can then set these key codes to character
> codes with 'setkeycodes' in your local startup script 'rc.local'.
> Also have a look at xmodmap.  You may not need to use it but you should
> know
> its there.
> As a last resort and even then probably not a good idea, you can use this
> program I wrote to binary patch your kernel to change how usb hid keyboard
> codes are translated into key codes.
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/140306#140306
> More then you ever wanted to know,
> Paul
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