[mythtv-users] Getting a Plasma, Scared of Burn-In

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 08:14:20 EDT 2005

On 14/07/05, Neil Bird <neil at fnxweb.com> wrote:
> Around about 13/07/05 22:04, Robert Tsai typed ...
> > Look up "xset".
>   That won't help, will it?  You don't want the screen blanking 30s.
> after hitting 'play' on a programme.
>   It'd need to be hooked into Myth itself, so's to enable blanking
> whilst on the main menus, and disable it while playing.  Don't think
> that's there.

Doesn't mythtv do this automatically?  I certainly see enabling and
disabling DPMS messages in the logfile and with version myth 18 I
haven't needed to disable the screensaver, as I had to do with v16.

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