[mythtv-users] What's a good mini front-end-only box?

Jim Reith reith at racores.com
Wed Jul 13 18:31:58 EDT 2005

>On 7/13/05, Reza Naima <reza at reza.net> wrote:
>>  i'm currently using an x-box which seems grossly underpowered.  does
>>  anyone have any suggestions for a good cheap front-end-only box?
>>  Something that's good looking.  I've got an hdtv w/ vga&dvi inputs.
>>  thanks,
>>  reza
>As John mentioned I like my Pundit-Rs. I have 4 of them. Very nice.
>Reasonable quiet, but not silent. The only problem I'm having with
>MythTV right now is that I cannot keep the StreamZap remotes I bought
>working with Myth. The work for a day and then stop. I think this is
>more an lirc problem but it's an issue you might want to think about
>before you buy.

Funny you should mention that. You helped me get mine working last
night but when I went up this morning to use it, it was frozen. i did
a cold reboot and it was fine. later in the day it was frozen again.
I did a WARM boot and it was also fine. I've been booting a lot today
figuring out the X Server/PVR-350 tv-out issue (no luck yet)

>Anyway, I own 4 and I'd buy 4 more today if I needed to, but ONLY for
>frontend ONLY. The PVR-xxx cards do not fit in them easily so they are
>of no value to me as backend machines.
>SATA performance is low right now.

do they really need much of a disk since they are a front end? Have
you got a pointer handy to them so I can look at specs? i might need
a couple of front end machines for this box also

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