[mythtv-users] Getting a Plasma, Scared of Burn-In

Peter Santerre psanterre at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 16:51:30 EDT 2005

I'm getting a good deal on a last-years-model Plasma TV (NEC 50" MX3) and 
will be hooking it up to my Myth box.
I'm very nervous about burn in, as this would be considered a very large 
purchase on my current salary :)

What do other users of Myth do to prevent this issue, while still keeping 
the WAF rating high? I guess I imagine while watching DVD, TV, etc the 
screen would not blank, but if it was idle on a menu for 30s or so it would 
black it out. Sort of like MythMusic does I guess. After 30s of no activity 
it goes full screen with my choice of music display.

I know that plasma TV's are getting better and better about not getting 
burned, and maybe I'm being over paranoid, but like I said, this is a big 
purchase, and ruining it would be a very sad day :)
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