[mythtv-users] Button activation using mouse click

Frédéric Feyel mcffeyel at free.fr
Wed Jul 13 14:15:42 EDT 2005

I should be a little bit more precise : I got an X15e htpc case, with a 
touch-screen. This case is shipped with all needed linux X11 drivers,
and I would like to be able to activate MythTv buttons, just by 
"touching them" on the sensitive screen.

MythTv supports mouse input, since it correctly respond to click in text 
entries, to adjust values, or to active 'Next' 'Previous' buttons.

However, it does not detect mouse clicks for "main" buttons.


Donavan Stanley a écrit :

>On 7/13/05, Frédéric Feyel <mcffeyel at free.fr> wrote:
>>Hello, I want to be able to activate any button in MythTv using a mouse
>>click, and not only the space bar.
>>I de-activated the "Hide mouse cursor" to see the mouse cursor, but I do
>>not want how to activate a button by
>>"just" clicking on it (click on button in MythTv has no effect).
>Myth does not support mouse input.
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