[mythtv-users] Re: Cannot change channels with M179

Michael J. Sherman msherman at dsbox.com
Wed Jul 13 09:20:15 EDT 2005

>  Alas, Avermedia will only take their card back after 14 days. To save others
> some hassle, I don' recommend using the m179. When I had it running under
> windows, the picture quality wasn't real good, and I think the PVR150 from
> hauppauge must be easier to get working, and it's about the same price.
> That said, I will try to get this sucky card working since I'm stuck with it.
> So here's my latest thought (I can only muster up one at a time). Does the
> m179 use the same firmware as the hauppaugge? To anyone who has a working
> m179, what firmware are you using?

I have been using a m179 for about a year, and have had no real 
issues.  I use the happauge firmware.  The picture quality is 
excellent!  Some cards have grounding issues, so you just have to make 
sure you properly ground the card (I accomplish that by connecting 
both composite and coax inputs from my satellite box, even though I 
only use composite).

Besides, I got the m179 for $50!  Can't beat that.


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