[mythtv-users] DVD rip preserving menus

Derek Scollon mailing.lists at scotwebsolutions.com
Wed Jul 13 06:59:28 EDT 2005

> Derek Scollon wrote:

>>Yes, I did and as fas as I could determine, it sounded like a
>>problem with decoding some discs. Ultimately, I ended up solving the
>>problem using my Windows machine. It's a fudge, but it never has any
>>problem ripping discs. I'm doing almost exactly what James Oltman is
>>describing here
>>except that I rip the whole disc with DVDShrink then use Nero to
>>burn the iso to hard drive then ftp it to my myth box. The down side
>>is that it's a bit more labour intensive and usually takes more than
>>an hour to do, but so far it has worked every time.
> Just use DVDBackup to create the iso. It also removes protection and
> does better error handling than dd (for scritched disks... etc)

> http://dvd.chevelless230.com/dvdbackup.html

> Takes max. 10 minutes on my system.

Doesn't it rely on libcss if it removes protection? That was where I seemed to run into problems with some discs.


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