[mythtv-users] nuvexport errors doing DVD export

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Jul 13 03:10:36 EDT 2005

> I have tried searching the mailing list, but please remember, sometimes 
> it is hard to find an answer, unless you already have an idea what 
> solution might be.

searching for "pipe:: Error while opening file" (the error message I 
just deleted off of a your quoted message because it was too far back to 
include here) comes up with a bunch of stuff:


generally, a search on the exact error message (try putting quotes 
around it if just pasting the text in doesn't turn up results) will at 
least give you something.

> What do I do?  Search for nuvexport DVD error?  Not much turns up.   
> That's why people like myself end up asking the question again, even if 
> it means someone has to tell us what search terms will trigger the 
> elusive result from basic search engines.

Yes, but I don't know the difference between those who have searched and 
those who haven't unless they say something like "searched, couldn't 
find anything".


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