[mythtv-users] Getting database info to a new backend

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Jul 13 03:09:14 EDT 2005

Bob Weber wrote:
> Hello. I'm building a new backend, and am trying to move my database to the 
> new system so I don't end up rerecording my old shows. So I'm trying to 
> follow the docs at mythtv, and doing:
> $ mysqldump -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg -c > mythtv_backup.sql
> $ grep "INSERT INTO record "         mythtv_backup.sql > restore.sql
> $ grep "INSERT INTO recorded "       mythtv_backup.sql >> restore.sql
> $ grep "INSERT INTO oldrecorded "    mythtv_backup.sql >> restore.sql
> $ grep "INSERT INTO recordedmarkup " mythtv_backup.sql >> restore.sql
> The problem is, while I get a rather large mythtv_backup.sql file, the greps 
> don't find anything. Has the layout of the database changed, or what am I 
> missing? Tnx.

Yeah, more recent versions of mysqldump (www.mysql.org) seem
to want to put backticks around the table names. look at your
backup file and see if they are "INSERT INTO `record` ".

--  bjm

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