[mythtv-users] OT: DVB/HDTV/Analog tuner cards

Leo Przybylski void at leosandbox.org
Tue Jul 12 20:53:22 EDT 2005

Hello all,

I’ve been camping out on this list just listening what people are saying
about their various uses/configurations of mythtv. There is a really huge
diversity of configurations. Probably one of the best things about mythtv
is this displayed versatility.

I’ve been struggling with my own configurations and I’ve tried a few, but
still a little behind the curve compared to many of you. I hope you could
shed a little light for me. Forgive me for the dumb questions. I’ve tried
searching for answers, but I can’t really find anything other than answers
for troubleshooting technical issues.

Right now, I am using MythTV on EPIA MII12000 with a WinTV-PVR 250. It’s
working great for me except I don’t have closed-captioning!!!! Argh! What
a pain. I noticed nobody really talks about CC on the list much. Maybe no
one uses it except for me. It’s a really huge deal for me though. I don’t
think I’m hard of hearing, but I find I like to read the conversations
more since a lot of the “overacting” on television anymore makes it tough
to understand dialogue.

Am I going to find a Mpeg2-encoding tv tuner that supports closed
captioning out there?

I’ve almost reserved myself to going back to my cheap analog tuner and
pumping my system up. I found that AMD now makes a low power 64-bit
processor “Turion.” It’s like a low power Athlon 64. Goes up to 2 Ghz
which should be sufficient for encoding/decoding mpeg2 realtime. I don’t
want to use the analog card if I can help it though. Last time I tried it,
I couldn’t get sound out of live tv. Must have been something to do with
my btaudio driver and ALSA. Anyway, I gave up and that’s how I ended up
with the PVR-250. It was just too good at simplifying things for me.

I’ve noticed though that there are a whole slew of digital cards that
people are talking about using. I don’t know much about them though. I
noticed people like to use pcHDTV or DVB cards. I looked at the NEXUS and
pcHDTV cards and I just couldn’t figure out if they supported closed
captioning well.

Does anyone know if they support closed captioning?

Also, are the pcHDTV or DVB cards only for HD/Digital television or could
I use it on my analog cable tv signal as well? I plan to go to HDTV pretty
soon and maybe even upgrade to digital cable for the HD cable stations. I
just don’t plan to do it right now. I’m just interested in the best
quality picture I can get with mpeg2 encoding and closed captioning from
my analog cable signal. Is it possible to do that with DVB or pcHDTV

Thanks much for your input,

Leo Przybylski

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