[mythtv-users] Importing DVDs to Myth

Scott catfather at donpoo.net
Tue Jul 12 19:08:56 EDT 2005

On Jul 12, 2005, at 5:33 PM, Nick Rout wrote:

> create a script to do it, and incorporate the script into the menuing
> system. This thread shows how to add something to a menu (in this  
> case playing a cd via xmms)
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/75527

Thanks for the pointer.

> you will, however, of course EAT hard drive space!

Yup, I plan to eat lots of hard disk space. I think the trade off of  
having all the DVD features available at the push of button is worth  
it. I just really like the idea of placing the DVD as is on to the  
HDD and being able to put the case and disc into the closet never to  
be touched again. I know others disagree and hence why the DVD Rip  
option in MythTV is so popular today. Like I said before, this  
project idea isn't going to appeal to everyone.

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